Getting Active

                                       Whole School Walks

One Friday every month the Wellbeing Committee and Active School’s Committee have organised a walk for the whole school. Each class puts down their pencils and books to get out into the fresh air. The children are enjoying exploring their local community and completing the two bridges walk.

         Marathon Kids

Mrs. Breen’s class are taking part in the Marathon Kids Challenge. They are preparing to walk a class marathon. Each week, the children will increase the distance that they complete. They are also covering topics such as heart health and nutrition in other curricular areas. We are looking forward to seeing their progress over the next eight weeks.

 After School

After school hurling takes place every Tuesday with Mr. McGrath .

After school hockey takes place every Wednesday with Ms. McNamara and Ms. McMahon.

The children are enjoying learning new sports and improving their skills.



Children in all classes have enjoyed rugby skills sessions this year with Kenneth from Munster rugby. The children learned how to pass, catch and run with the rugby ball and how to score tries. We had fun playing matches against each other and combining classes for Tag rugby matches.

 Equine Education Programme

We are delighted to once again be working with the Equine Education Programme. Girls and boys in the senior end of the school are involved in this project. The children were brought to RACE in Kildare to learn about the life of a Jockey and the dedication and commitment that goes into the sport of horse riding.

Each week the children involved learn how to take care of horses and their tack. The children are learning how to ride a horse.

Thanks to Catherine from the Equine Programme and Clare Equestrian Centre for facilitating children each week.


With the good weather returning the boys and girls are enjoying playing some friendly matches against our friends in Le Chéile and Corpus Christi National Schools.

Huge thanks to Star Rovers and St. Marys RFC for allowing us to use their astro turf pitches.

We look forward to playing some more matches and attending upcoming competitions.

Recently, our boys and girls in fifth and sixth class took part in the Primary 5 a Side competition in Seanchoill. There were some excellent performances from all on the day.